Una vez subastados, ¿qué hacer con los refugiados sirios?

Una vez subastados, ¿qué hacer con los refugiados sirios? Análisis de Baher Kamal     Una niña siria sentada en una silla rota frente a su tienda de campaña, en el campo de Faida 3, un asentamiento informal de tiendas de campaña para refugiados sirios en el Valle de Beka, en Líbano. Crédito: Alessio Romenz/Unicef […]

Stories of Rape And Sexual Violence in India: The project is about the survivors of rape and sexual violence in India.

With 15 days into the launch of my Kickstarter, I have some good news to share. I will be collaborating with three organisation across India to raise awareness and help some of the girls. I am collaborating with Delhi and Mumbai based “SafeCity” http://safecity.in/and London-based “Action Breaks Silence” http://www.actionbreakssilence.org/ who are doing very important community […]

Longview Industries USA, Inc.: real estate and equipment leasing to licensed cannabis cultivators

Longview’s Unique Positions • Longview enables a “plug and play” environment for licensed growers where growers need to supply only the agricultural material and expertise. • Business plan allows for establishment of facilities in multiple states, an option often foreclosed to businesses involved in the legal agricultural marijuana space. • Management team currently targeting distressed […]

Ace Cafe Orlando: The World’s Most Famous Motor-Diner is Coming to the USA!

  Ace Cafe London is simply the most-famous motor-diner on the planet. Since 1938 the Ace Cafe has been a Mecca for everything bikes, cars, and rock ‘n roll, and is the single most important brand in the worldwide cafe racer movement today. Now, it’s time to bring that movement Stateside. For any business to be successful it has to have three things:  A great CONCEPT; […]