Le Petit Matisse caters to children age 2-12, and its mission is to offer products that are not only natural and nontoxic, but also environmentally friendly and sustainable

Personal Story Born and raised in Brazil, Eza was surrounded by creativity from an early age – with uncles who wore musicians, aunts that painted and drew, a father who loved to write poetry, and a mother and grandma that were experts seamstresses. It was the opportunity to study medicine that brought her to this […]

CHiP: The World’s First Lovable Robot Dog

Simulates interactions with a real dog: feels hungry, needs attention, loves to play, and goes to sleep. Smartband technology enables CHiP to uniquely recognize you, follow you, wait for you to come home, and remind you for mealtime or playtime. Artificial intelligence and an adaptive personality to follow commands, fetch a ball, avoid obstacles, and […]

University of Glasgow Consulting Competition Sponsorship

Chulalongkorn International Business Case Competition – CIBCC We are raising £3,500 to attend the annual Chulalongkorn International Business Case Competition (CIBCC) hosted by Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand. The University of Glasgow is amongst one of the undergraduate teams from the world’s top universities invited to compete in solving and presenting their recommendations in a […]