D-Thorn. Every Florist’s Best Friend

Imagine this…. It was 5.30am. There we were, ready for another day at the office. In our case, the office consisted of a workbench, a wooden table piled with flowers, foam blocks, cellophane paper, glue guns, wire, secateurs, all the components necessary to ply our creativity. I was inspired. I love being a florist. The […]

The Sensel Morph: INTERACTION, EVOLVED: The first pressure-sensitive, multi-touch input device that enables users to interact with the digital world like never before.

The Sensel Morph offers a new generation of multi-touch interaction, powered by our patented Pressure Grid technology, in the form of an input device that allows people to interact with computers and programs in a whole new way. With its high dynamic range of force sensitivity, The Morph can detect not just your fingers but […]

Carnival Parade Workshop for Kids: Creating a space for parents, guardians and concerned citizens to back talented children from “different” worlds

Jungle Theatre Presents: Carnival Parade workshop for kids Children from diverse communities in and around Muizenberg get together in a creative arts workshop and Carnival Parade performance.   I live in Muizenberg with my wife and three children. Often on weekends we’ll be walking around the Vlei or the beach with our dogs. We’ll come […]