Gandhi – UNIVERSO ASIMETRICO: Nuevo disco Universo Asimétrico ya en preventa además de conciertos, experiencias y mercadería exclusiva de Gandhi!

Gandhi – UNIVERSO ASIMETRICO Hola somos Gandhi de Costa Rica y tenemos un nuevo disco, se llama Universo Asimétrico. Tenemos más de 20 años juntos y este es nuestro sexto disco… lo estamos haciendo 100% independientes sin ninguna disquera de por me dio. En otras palabras, estamos volviendo a nuestros inicios… cuando lanzamos nuestro primer disco […]

BROKEN Movie -Matched Dollar4Dollar

BROKEN Movie -Matched Dollar4Dollar DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR MATCHED FUNDING! Welcome to the official BROKEN Feature Film Pozible Campaign! I’m so excited about this film, which I began writing 3 years ago, and am finally hoping to direct and film this summer! The budget for BROKEN is $13000. In order to raise this I pledge to MATCH every […]


MIKE CARR – KARATE 1 PREMIER LEAGUE   I am a karate athlete in England and looking for funding for the 2015 season, I am competing in something called Karate 1 – Premier League which a series of tournaments scattered across the world. My tournament placing then gets me a number of points which is then tallied […]


TEAMUCAN2 – SAILING FOR GOLD 2016 Hello & welcome to TEAMUCAN2! Please click above to watch our video and hear our story. We are Canada’s two-person paralympic sailing team going for GOLD at Rio in the Skud-18 class. We are also a married couple! We met sailing in Miami, racing against each other when Jackie […]

Documentary on people living with HIV in South Africa

Documentary on people living with HIV in South Africa   HI,I am Deepak .I am going to make a documentary on people sufferings from AIDS in south Africa.Since South Africa has the biggest and most high profile HIV epidemic in the world. In 2012, an estimated 6.1 million people were living with HIV with 240,000 South […]

App to Assist Marginalized Students in Public School: An app to be created for Richard Montgomery High School to help marginalized students remove impediments to academic success

Mission: To provide an easily accessible, comprehensive method for students to utilize already existing resources at Richard Montgomery High School. Intended features: • Calendar of upcoming school events and extracurriculars offered   • Page of links to assistance hotlines for students struggling with any severe issue where they might possibly need to contact a 24-hour […]